International Buyers

Thinking of buying in Bloomington but live out of the country? We’re here to assist you.

We specialize in international buyers, many of whom never come to the US during the search or buying process.  Instead, we communicate via email or phone to determine your property requirements.  From there we can Facetime you through properties matching your criteria or take videos of the properties for you to watch later.

We’ll assist you with everything from wiring your purchase funds to the US ahead of time to ensure enough time for your funds to clear the US banking and inspection process to arranging for a Power of Attorney to be signed at the US embassy in your country so you don’t have to attend closing in the US.

Should you desire to rent the property out after closing, we’d be happy to find a renter for you as well as arrange for you to work with a professional property manager who can oversee the day to day details of your rental, collect the rent payments and handle any repairs or maintenance issues.

For additional information,  we highly recommend reading the below article which answers common questions foreigners have about buying real estate in the US:

Frequently Asked Questions about buying Real Estate in the US

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